CL Systems Pte Ltd ( Singapore )

CL Systems is the first company to successfully install a full-function ATM with cash dispensing, cash deposit and passbook updating functionality in South East Asia, in 1997. This was followed up with the first bulk cash deposit machine installation in 2000 and the introduction of the first cash deposit machine with cash recycling capabilities in 2005. CL Systems also pioneered the first self- service passbook updating machine in Singapore in 1991.

CL Systems has a strong partnership with Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions Corporation (HOTS), having installed more than three thousand terminals in Malaysia and Singapore.

Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solution is the largest manufacturer of ATMs with recycling capabilities in Japan. CL Systems and its partners bring a wealth of experience in passbook updating, cash dispensing, cash deposit and cash recycling automation ,having implemented many such solutions across Asia. CL Group of companies prides itself on providing the best customer service and the group attributes its excellence to the superior skills of its staff and their ability to make technology work for its clients.